Posted by: aebell | December 7, 2007

Teachers Make a World of Difference!

There are many reasons why I am aspiring to be a teacher but one of the most important to me is my desire to give others a positive learning experience. Over the years I have learned that teachers are some of the most influential people in the world. A students whole outlook on any given subject can be molded at an early age by someone of influence. Since teachers often spend more time with students than parents they can have a very significant impact.

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Posted by: aebell | December 5, 2007

Animoto Post of Flutes

This is a test post in my blog to try to embed animotos flash presentations. This animoto animation is about flutes of all shapes and varieties.

Posted by: aebell | October 14, 2007

Female dominated field?


Over the short ten years that I have been playing the flute, I have noticed that the majority of students who choose to play the flute in middle or high school are girls. Why is this? It is true that many percieve the flute to be a weak instrument because it is small and often cannot be heard above the band like the brass, percussion, or other instruments.

Often young boys will not even think twice about playing the flute because “it is girly” they say. I always speak up and inform them that many of the great flautists are male. I could name ever so many more male professional flute players than female ones. Just look at James Galaway, Julius Baker, Louis Moyse, or Michael Parloff  just to name a few. Read More…

Posted by: aebell | September 12, 2007

This blog is about Flutes

This blog is about flutes: flute players, instruments, techniques, flute news, etc. This blog is meant to be a way to connect with some of the things that are happening in the flute world whether local, nationally, or globally. Basically any thing that pertains to flutes or flautists.